60+ WHAT?!

haha. i worked (as of today) 60+ hours this week! 55 from mon-fri!


yesterday i found a huge dent on my car. when i left their house. oh joy.

today we are gonna look at it & then look on their neighbors car and figure out the culprit.
i was a wreck when i left yesterday. (thanks mom for talking to me!)

anywho... life is good. getting up early is getting lots easier.
rolling in money is pretty easy too.
oh and the mom gave me 7 jeans yesterday...yes the BRAND 7... :) i was pretty excited! they are a tad big...but WHO CARES! i'm a cheapo and would NEVER spend more than 30 bucks on a pair of jeans.

So anyways...once i again i need to leave for work...haha. 9-2 or 3 today.

TOODLES! :) have a great day. enjoy yourselves.

mike is great.


Tim and Amy said...

that SUCKS about the dent. you should take a pic so we all know how big it is & everything. sorry you have to deal with that!

i'm jealous about the jeans. 7 jeans are awesome. and... are you staying healthy working 60 hours a week?! i sure hope its not wearing you down! love ya.

jill s said...

wow girlie.
wanna come watch my kids? :)

i hope you're saving all your pennies so you can come out and see us!!!

miss you!


Traci said...

That's A LOT of working! You should tell them you can't work that much! Hope you get that dent figured out. SWEET about the 7 jeans.

riggsfam said...

How frustrating about the dent in your car! Way to go on the 7s! Did I tell you about the new Citizens jeans that I got for $20? (original price tag: $185)