Eventful weekend...


Half day at work.
cleaned the house.
doctor appt.
jill.jim.sage.emerson.amy & tim all came in town.
so happy they all came & spent time over here!


wake up 5:30.
mike picked me up at 6.
drove to the mountains near usery pass.
parked looking over the town lights.
waited to watch the sun rise.
got out of the truck to stand and watch.
He got down on one knee.
i said shut up...(like no way!)
and he said...mindy would you like to be my wife?
i said yes before he could finish.
and he slipped the ring on my finger.
we got back in the truck (it was 34 degrees outside!!)
and we finished watching the sun rise.
once it was up & called my family to tell them the good news :)

we went to breakfast at The Farmhouse in downtown Gilbert...with Amy, Tim, traci & scott to celebrate.

THEN...Traci,Mike and I were getting in his truck to head to Discount Card & Jamba...and i smashed her GOOD foot in the truck door. thankfully it is only bruised. i was a wreck, thinking i broke it and she'd be in a wheel chair.
after icing it...
we headed back out. this time, i sat in the backseat on the drivers side.

we went to mikes parents after that.

then headed to traci's to help her set up for her little shin dig.

on the way home from that, at around 9, we were about a mile away from home, and mikes transmission went out. Thankfully his good friend John, was able to come with a tow strap and pull us back to his Diesel Shop. We ended up getting home around 11:30.

it was a LONG. EVENTFUL day...so i'm on top of the world.

and i found out this morning, my dad accidentally hit the front of my car. My sisters broke the news to me, the didn't wait to do it yesterday!

Basically...i'm the luckiest girl in the world :)


riggsfam said...

Yay! Congrats again! I am glad they didn't tell you about the car yesterday...that stinks!

Traci said...

WOOHOO!!! Congrats!

Mom said...

so fun! congrats on the engagement!!!

Mom said...

dang it- the last comment is from amy!

Tim & Amy said...

so happy for you girlie!