Just a little note for today.

After a completely rough day at work yesterday, it was a great day today!

We were walking back into the school & Morgan was going to open the door to get back inside & her hand slipped and she fell on the ground. She was startled and on the verge of tears, so when all of us got back inside, Tucker said to Morgan, It's Ok, falls happen.

And i had to write that down. It applies in so many more ways than just literally falling on the ground. I thought of a hardship, a bad day, bad choices, things that are out of your control. But nonetheless they are all falls. and "It's OK, falls happen."

today was a good day.


riggsfam said...

Very sweet. I agree.

Traci said...

He's awesome! Love it!

Mom said...

That's a neat story! You're right--falls happen and we just keep getting up and going on!

amy said...

cute stuff!

jill s said...

love it. i love that you are posting more!

miss you.